Our Vision, Mission, Values & Philosophy

Our Vision

A society where individuals enjoy mental health and socio-economic wellbeing


To empower communities improve their mental health and socio-economic wellbeing

Our Philosophy

Families have to be supported to overcome emotional anguish and/or psychological distress before they can meaningfully engage in productive activity. We believe that poverty, social strife, HIV/AIDS, disasters, conflicts and gender-based violence impacts greatly on the social and emotional wellbeing of individuals and thus inhibits their ability to participate in mainstream development processes.

Only when individuals are supported to acquire the right frame of mind, manage past trauma and assuage any feelings of distress, are they able to co-exist peacefully and lead meaningful and productive lives.

Our Core Values


In outlook and approach in a personal and organisational level


We are a learning organisation looking for new ways of improving ourselves, adapting to changing needs and context


We exist to serve humanity equally irrespective of gender, race, ethnicity and other biases.


We are transparent and open to external scrutiny; answerable to our constituents.


We are kind and empathetic to the needs of our stakeholders including beneficiaries and staff.


We can be trusted and relied upon.