LiveliHood Support

This strategic objective focuses on improving the socioeconomic well-being of households targeted by TPO Uganda so that they are able to provide essential needs for their families and grow their asset base. The objective aligns with Sustainable Development Goals SDG 2 that seeks to end hunger, achieve food security and improve nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture, and SDG 8.5 that seeks to achieve full and productive employment and decent work for all women and men, including for young people and persons with disabilities, and equal pay for work of equal value by 2030. Our work under this objective focuses on increasing access to financial services (saving and credit) and improving household productivity and incomes. Our Livelihood support approaches include the following;

Our Livelihood support approaches include the following;

Livelihood Focus Areas for 2022-2027

This thematic area will be informed by the following guidelines and standards: NDP III, the UNHCR operational guidelines for livelihood programming and DFID Sustainable livelihoods [2]framework, the National Nutrition Planning Guidelines for Uganda.