Position title
Monitoring and Evaluation Officer

TPO Uganda  is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) that has been delivering  services  to vulnerable communities  in Uganda  since  1994. TPO  Uganda  has been  committed   to  empowering  communities affected  by armed  conflict  and  other  natural  and  man-made disasters  to  meet  their  protection   needs, psychosocial, and mental  health  well-being, and to improve  their  livelihoods. TPO Uganda  has over the years grown  into a respectable national  NGO with a demonstrable track  record  in over 55 districts  as of January  2023.  TPO is currently  operating   in the regions  of Acholi,  Lango, Teso, Karamoja,  sub-regions, Rwenzori, South West, West Nile, and Central Region. The Organization works with both the humanitarian and development  settings  (refugee  hosting  and non-refugee hosting) districts  in Uganda.

The  primary  responsibility  of the job  holder  is to  implement   and  enforce   proper  data  collection   and management processes.  The  M&E Officer  will  support  the  project  team  to  appreciate   M&E as a core function  of their  offices.  S/he will build their  capacity  and support  them  to integrate   M&E into their  day- to-day  responsibilities. Working  closely with the Project  Officers  and/or  social workers  to ensure that  all project  activities  are in line with the work  plan and progressing towards  attaining  set goals and objectives of the  project.


The  Monitoring   and  Evaluation   (M&E) Officer   will be  responsible  for  the  design,   coordination  and implementation  of  relevant   monitoring   and  evaluation, accountability,  and  learning   framework   of the Project.   He/she   will   develop   a  systematic    monitoring    framework    to   improve   the   qualitative    and quantitative evidence  gathered  by the Project. He/she will also lead the development and strengthening of  Monitoring   and  Evaluation  (M&E) systems,  including   learning  and  accountability  and  generation   of reliable  data for results-based management of the M&E unit and strengthen   project  implementation;

  1. System/Database  set up and  management
  • Guide and coordinate the review  of the project  log frame  during  project  design  particularly in the areas of performance indicators  and their  measurement.
  • Assist in the development and/or  finalization  of the project  Work  Plan and keep it updated in accordance with  project  activities  and timeframes as relevant
  • Provide technical support  for the revision  of project  performance indicators,  tools and methods.
  • Maintain  a functional   M&E database.
  1. Data collection    and  Management
  • Develop  baseline  data for each project  component and for all project  indicators.
  • Collect  data on a regular  basis to measure achievement against the performance indicators.
  • Regularly update  the  Web  based  PROMS online  system  with  data  and  other  information requirements and continually   build the capacity  of staff on the system.
  1. Data analysis,   Reporting   and  Documentation
  • Coordinate the preparation of all project  reports.  Guide staff and partners  in preparing  their progress  reports  in accordance with approved  reporting  formats  and ensure their timely submission.
  • Prepare consolidated internal  and/or  donor  progress  reports  for project  management, including  identification of outcomes,  lessons,  and potential  bottlenecks in project implementation, and providing  specific  recommendations.
  • Prepare  periodic  reports  by providing  Monitoring  and Evaluation  data
  • Provide the Project Coordinators with  project  information she/he  may require  and check that monitoring  data are discussed  in appropriate forum  and in a timely fashion  in terms  of implications for future  action.
  • Identify lessons  learned  and develop  case studies  to capture  qualitative  outputs  of the project.  Provide  advice  to the supervisor  on improving  project  performance using M&E findings.
  1. Data quality   assurance
  • Define, develop,  review and improve  data quality  criteria  and plan for the project.
  • Ensure that data management documentation standards  are adhered  to at all times.
  • Undertake  regular  visits  and  implement   data  quality  checks  and  controls  to  the  field  to support  implementation of projects  M&E and to identify  where  adaptations might be needed
  • Identify  and   mitigate    potential    data   quality   risks,  including    inspection,  cleaning    and transformation of data with the goal of highlighting useful  information, drawing  conclusions which  inform and support  project  decision-making
  • Document  your data quality  processes  and results.
  1. M&E Capacity   building
  • Develop a plan for project-related  capacity-building  on M&E and for any computer-based support  that  may be required.
  • Organize  and undertake  training  with collaborating partners  on M&E as required.


  • A Bachelor's   degree   from   a  recognized  institution    preferably    in  Social   Sciences,  Information technology, Statistics,  or a relevant  field.
  • A postgraduate   course  in Monitoring  and evaluation  is an added  advantage


  • Two years'  professional experience implementing M&E-related activities.
  • Detailed knowledge of key M&E concepts,  tools,  and best practices;  experience working  with  both quantitative  and  qualitative   data  collection   and  analysis   methodologies;  familiarity   with   routine management of information systems.


  • Good knowledge of Results-based Management (RBM)and  its application to projects  and programs.
  • Proficient  in relevant  Mobile  technology  and  computer   applications  such as MS Office,  Excel, and Access
  • Demonstrated capacity  to write  results-based reports.
  • Experience in the development of data collection  tools  and systems  for entry, analysis and storage of qualitative  and quantitative data (e.g. Ms Access, STATA,  SPSS,E-views and others
  • Experience in delivering strategic communications and M&E interventions on generic  humanitarian work
  • Strong  interpersonal skills and ability to work  with minimum  supervision and in a team;
  • Excellent  written  and verbal  skills in English.

How to apply:

✓    Please  send  your  CV and  cover   letter  with  3 work  related   referees   and  a table   showing   your past 3years  salary  history:  Human  Resources Manager, TPO  Uganda,   P.O Box 21646  Kampala, Uganda,   email:  jobs@tpoug.org    Plot  652,  Block  257,  Wamala  Close,  Munyonyo   (Attached  as one  document  of 2MBS)

✓    Deadline: January   23, 2024.

✓    Female  candidates  are strongly   encouraged  to  apply.

TPO Uganda is an equal opportunities employer that does not discriminate on any basis.

Please note that this offer of employment is made to you with the understanding that you do not have a history of fraud or sexual offenses. This is by TPO Uganda Anti-Fraud and PSHEA policies. Any violation of  this and other policies is highly punishable as per guidelines indicated in the various policies and the laws of Uganda.

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted, thus, if you do not hear from us by February 3rd, 2024, you are not considered.

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1st February, 2024
TPO Uganda
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January 18, 2024
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January 23, 2024
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