Gender Based Violence Prevention

The Uganda Demographic and Health Survey (UDHS), 2016, reported that 50% of women in Uganda have experienced physical or sexual violence from their partner at least once in their lifetime.  Uganda also has an early marriage rate of 40%.

Violence has a negative impact on a woman’s physical, mental, sexual and reproductive health, and increases vulnerability to HIV.

TPO Uganda has been providing psychosocial support and referral services to survivors of gender based violence for close to 15 years. We manage cases of depression, trauma and anxiety disorders arising from sexual gender based violence using cognitive behavioral therapy.

We also implement prevention interventions among affected families and we are part of the national multi-sector actors plan to eliminate violence against women.

For more than 5 years, we have supported survivors and victims in communities practicing female genital mutilation to access psychosocial support, corrective surgery, and community acceptance.

Our initiatives focus on building the capacity of communities and institutions to respond to Gender Based Violence, as well as addressing the risk factors that foster conflicting gender relations. With the support of Dan Church Aid, UN women, UNFPA we have been able to reach communities in Katakwi, Amudat, and Adjumani districts to take lead in fighting FGM. We are intent in empowering women to prevent HIV. TPO distributes condoms to communities and provides pertinent information on HIV and AIDS prevention and care.

Meaningful Lessons: The Amudat Experience 2015:

We managed to reach over 300 people in four months through community-led awareness efforts that included dialogues, music, dance, and drama competitions. And when opinion leaders took a stand against FGM they were able to mobilize 600 people from seven villages to learn about the dangers of FGM. Through these platforms we were also able to refer survivors to health services.