TPO Uganda  is a local Ugandan  NGO that has been operating   in the country  for 28years.  Our programs comprise   interventions  organized   around  the  following   themes;   Care  and  protection   of  OVC;  child protection,   livelihoods  support,  mental  health  and psychosocial support,  response  and prevention   of all forms of violence  against  women  and children  as well as emergency response  and humanitarian action. TPO  Uganda   is  active   in  55  districts   in  the  region   and  is  a  member   of  several   partnerships  and coordination  mechanisms in the country.

TPO Uganda  is now seeking  applications for the following   position;

1. Position:

Clinical   Psychologist (2)

Reports to:

Project Coordinator as line supervisor but over role   supervisor – MHPSS Supervisor


Rhino / Imvepi  and Adjumani  (2 persons)

Job Purpose

The overall  purpose  of the job  is to provide  technical  support  to the  project  team  in mental  health  and psychosocial support  interventions

Responsibilities Related to project implementation

✓    Clinical  Supervision: The Clinical  Psychologist will be responsible for supervising Social Workers  by providing  guidance  throughout the implementation of the Project  MHPSS intervention approach.

✓    case  management system,  build  up case  management repository  for the  project  in accordance to

the standard  case management principles  and TPO Uganda  case management process

✓    Assessment and  diagnosis;   provide  guidance   towards  the  use of the  various  global  and  internal assessment tools  in relation  to the project  need  and guide  on intervention approach  in accordance to diagnosis.

✓     Mainstream PSSinto  all projects  activities  and build resource  materials for MHPSS adaptable  to the

project  according  to the project  theory  of change.

✓    Capacity   strengthening  and  enhancement;  Training   Social  Workers,   partners     and  Community Support   Structures   on  MHPSS,  mhGAP  HIG,  PFA  and  any  other   skills  as  required   by  project objectives  and arising  needs  during  implementation provide  support  supervision, consultation, and mentoring,  provide  specialized clinical  care to beneficiaries, support  Social Workers  manage difficult MHPSS cases  and  support   run  Cognitive   Behavioural  Therapy   sessions,  Psychological first  Aid, problem  management Plus as well  as social therapy  sessions.

✓    Conduct   quarterly    review   meetings   with   community  support   structure    members   (Crisis  team

members,  VPAs) to  review  progress,  challenges and  developing  actions  to  improve  psychosocial work  in the settlements/ project  scope.

Person Speclflcatlons knowledge and experience

Master’s  in clinical   psychology.  Membership  of  any  psychology  association is  an  added  advantage. Research experience and sound  clinical  practice  experience is an added  advantage.

2. Position:

Finance  & Administration   Officer (2)

Reporting to:

Project  Coordinator  with  linkage   to  Finance   Manager


West  Nile  / Northern   Region  (2 persons)

Job Purpose

The  Finance  and Administration  Officer  is responsible for overseeing and  managing  all administrative and financial  functions  of the  project.  This includes  finance  and accounting services, financial  reporting, budget development and management, Financial analysis, monitoring and utilisation of fundsto ensure compliance wih organisational policies and procedures as well as donor requirements

  • Responsibilities Related to project implementation

    ✓    Administer and monitor  the financial  system  in order to ensure that  project  finances  are maintained in an accurate  and timely  manner.

    ✓    Support  the  project  team  in budget  management and  control  to ensure  that  there  are no budget


    ✓    Preparation and Submission of Monthly  financial  reports.

    ✓    Manage and control  organization’s assets, stocks  and inventory.

    ✓    Provide efficient  and effective  office  management.

    ✓    Provide   and   account   for   general   administrative  and   logistical   support   to   staff   and   relevant stakeholders in accordance with organizational policies,  procedures, and best practice

    Person Specifications:

    Degree  in Accounting or Business  Administration/Commerce. At least 2 Years working  experience in a similar position.  Professional course  like CPA / ACCA level 2.

3. Position:

Monitoring  & Evaluation  Officer

Reporting to:

Project  Coordinator


Kyaka  II and  Lira (2 persons)

Job Purpose

Assisting  the  Project  coordinator in preparing periodic  reports  on project  progress; and will  monitor  the project   activities   on  a  regular  basis,  developing  and  maintaining the  MIS of  the  Project  and  will  be responsible for the  collection & analysis  of different   data  in relation  to the  project  activities.  S/he will provide  technical   field  support  to  the  M&E  unit  and  work   closely with  Project   team  to  assess field conditions,supportcapacity  building  initiatives, and facilitate  the collection of quality  data.

Responsibilities Related to project implementation

✓    System Development

✓    Data collection and Management

✓    Reporting and Documentation

✓    Data quality  assurance

Education and Experience:  Must have A Bachelor’s degree  from  a recognized institution preferably in, Information technology, Statistics, economics  or relevant  field.

A post graduate   course  in Monitoring and  evaluation is an added  advantage. Two  years’  professional

experience implementing M&E related  activities


3. Position:

Social Worker

Reporting to:

Project  Coordinator


Kasese  (1)

Job Purpose

The Social Worker will be responsible for delivering all planned  interventions to communities targeted  in this district.  The project  aims to improve  the health, well-being, and resilience of people  with  disabilities and  their  communities through   a One  Health  approach by building  capacity  for  OH at the  local  level (district and village)  and promoting three  interconnected interventions that in turn reduce vulnerability to disease  and food  insecurity among  people  with disabilities

✓    Plan and  Implement   project   activities  that  contribute   to  the  attainment   of  project   objectives   and outputs.

✓    Build the capacity  of local stakeholders and target  groups  for an inclusive  One Health approach.


✓    Conduct  OH awareness-raising activities  for target  communities.

✓    Train persons  with disabilities  (children)  in eco-friendly technologies-Mobility  devices.


✓    Training  PWDs on Village  Savings and Loan Associations (VSLAs)


✓    Promote  disability-related, environmental health  services.

  Strengthen  the  capacity   of  community  support   structures   to  identify   and  support   Persons  with

disabilities  in the areas of operation.

✓    Manage and oversee  the administrative functions  of duty station.

✓    Establish  and strengthen   relationships at the sub-county level  and develop  partnerships with other service  providers.

Education  and Experience:  Degree  in Community Based  Rehabilitation (CBR),Social Work  and Social Administration  (SWSA) Sociology.   Knowledge  on  One  Health  approach,   Additional   trainings   in VSLA, counselling and psychosocial support  is an added  advantage. Must have at least 2-3 years’  experience working  in NGO environment. Ability  to ride a motorcycle with valid  riding  permit.

How to apply:

Please send your CV, letter of interest and academic documents with 3 work related referees via email: mail: or hand delivery to Plot 652, Block 257, Wamala Close, Munyonyo ONLY. Include your salary history for the past 3 years (Attached as one document of not more than 2MBs). Detailed Job Description visit:

Deadline: December 31st 2022.

TPO Uganda is an equal opportunities employer that doesn’t discriminate on any basis.

Please note that this offer of employment is made to you with the understanding that you do not have a history of fraud and sexual offences. In accordance with the TPO Uganda’s Anti-Fraud and PSHEA Policies 2021, you are expected to abide and comply with the terms and conditions therein at all times. Any violation of this and other policies is highly punishable as per guidelines indicated in the various policies and