TPO Uganda is a local Ugandan NGO that has been operating in the country for 28years. Our programs comprise interventions organized around the following themes; Care and protection of OVC; child protection, livelihoods support, mental health and psychosocial support, response and prevention of all forms of violence against women and children as well as emergency response and humanitarian action. TPO Uganda is active in 46 districts in the region and is a member of several partnerships and coordination mechanisms in the country.

TPO Uganda is now seeking applications for the following position;

1. Position:

Director Finance and Administration (1)


Reports to:

Country Director


Kampala (1 person)

Job Summary:

The Director Finance and Administration (DFAM) is a senior management position. As the overall head of department, you will provide senior leadership, strategic direction and performance management to teams covering the Finance Unit, HR Unit, Procurement Unit as well as Operations Support.  The DFAM is a senior level position and the position holder will exercise a high level of risk perception and management and also provide support to the Audit and Risk Committee of the TPO Board of Directors where s/he sit as Secretary.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Leadership and Governance
  • Risk Management and Compliance
  • Financial Management
  • Performance Management
  • Treasury and Liquidity Management
  • Provide oversight to the Human Resource Unit, Procurement and Operations functions

Key Result Areas:

The staff will be expected to account for their performance with concise examples on each of the key result areas below. Where deemed necessary, the supervisor may agree with the staff to set Key performance indicators at the beginning of each year.

Leadership and Governance.

  • Participate in the conceptualisation, design and implementation of the TPO Uganda strategic goals and objectives.
  • Provide leadership to teams, units and departments ensuring that they are well resourced with the right personnel to deliver TPO Uganda’s medium and long term objectives.
  • As the custodian of all TPO policies, you will support users in the application and use of these policies for decision making, planning and management of organisational resources and personnel in general.
  • As the Secretary to the Board Audit and Risk Management Committee, you will support the board in executing its mandate.

Risk management and Compliance

  • Working closely with the Grants and Compliance Manager and the Internal Auditor, you will ensure that all organisational units and field offices, have a clear understanding of risk, are frequently reporting on risk and how it affects their operations and have up-to-date risk mitigation plans.
  • Provide advice and suggestions to management on measures that reduce risk and strengthen operational environment.
  • Plan for and undertake due diligence assessments on TPO field offices, as well as partner agencies that TPO subgrants to ensure they have adequate compliance, risk and fund management capacity.
  • Ensure that TPO Uganda meets all its statutory obligations in timely manner; conforms to laws of the land; its legal status is up-to-date and conditions of incorporation are adhered to and any legal cases disposed of with minimal cost to the organisation.
  • Put in place internal controls’, checks and balances that enhance role segregation role, detect and eliminate fraud

 Financial Management

  • Put in place systems including software, automations, procedures and policies that ensure that organisational finances and resources are well managed.
  • Ensure that the finance department is resourced with qualified personnel whose capacity is regularly built to meet the financial management and reporting needs of the organisation.
  • Prepare timely and periodic reports for the board, senior management, and for donor reporting in accordance with agreed formats provided.
  • Make sure that all projects report are prepared in a timely manner; review all reports prior to being shared and provide remedial support and guidance to all finance officers on reporting. Organise and support monthly BVA meetings.
  • Supervise the generation of reports from the accounting software, providing backstopping to all responsible officers.
  • Work closely with the Country Director and Chair of the Audit and Risk Committee to plan and schedule for the timely completion of the external audit.
  • Communicate audit findings to appropriate staff and assess causes and remedies for audit finding and, in coordination with the country director, develop action plans to respond to findings.

Performance Management

  • Ensure that all staff managing organisation’s resources adhere to generally accepted standards of financial accounting and reporting, are continually upgrading their qualifications
  • Provide regular supervision to all accounting staff both at HQ and in the field offices, providing guidance in TPO finance systems, procedures and policies.
  • Supervise, support and maintain a competent finance team as well as training of the non-finance team in line with the Financial Management Policies.
  • Set targets and establish performance indicators for each accounting staff and support them to attain their finance targets through regular appraisals and feedback.

Treasury and Liquidity Management:

  • Ensure that all projects receive their funding in good time and with minimal delays.
  • Budget preparation and ensure that all funds budgeted for and received are spent within reasonable timelines and burn-rates. This will include minimising excess liquidity.
  • Orient all accounting and program staff on grant conditions including reporting requirements to ensure that all grant conditions are well understood and do not hinder timely release of funds.
  • Liaise and maintain regular contact with banks to ensure that TPO Uganda funds are secure, regularly reconciled and project funds are kept on distinct interest bearing accounts.

Provide oversight to the Human Resource Unit, Procurement and Operations functions

  • Support the Procurement, Operations and Logistics functions to ensure that they are functioning efficiently with minimal disruption to organisational operations
  • Ensure that all organisational staff, suppliers and associates understand policies and operations manual and are fully utilising them for decision making.
  • Regularly review the system to identify inefficiencies and bottlenecks in the units and propose and establish mechanisms, trainings, systems or procedures for addressing them.
  • Ensure that contracts with service providers are reviewed properly before commitment is made.
  • Ensure stores, inventory management and asset management systems are in place and being utilised with minimal risk of loss, pilferage and wastage.
  • Lead the implementation of the performance management/ appraisal system that includes performance development plans and employee development programs
  • Assess employee training needs and plan for employee trainings including in-house employee trainings, new employee orientation or on boarding,
  • Working closely with the HRM to ensure that all HR needs are met and the organisation is well insulated against any litigations arising from its actions.

Personal Specifications

  • Chartered Accountant, with CPA/ ACCA and a Master’s Degree in accounting, finance, business management.
  • 10 years of working experience, 5 of which must have been at senior finance management and administration level.
  • Proven experience in carrying out high quality financial analyses in the NGO sector.
  • S/he must demonstrate good familiarity with accounting software preferably Microsoft Dynamics 365.
  • Proven administrative leadership and management ability in the areas of Strategic Planning and Organizational Development.
  • Highly developed leadership, influencing and communication skills, and demonstrable capability in relationship building at all levels.
  • Experience in managing big teams, organizational development and strategic planning
  • Experience in managing Organization operations, human resources, logistics, and supplies.

2. Position:

Microfinance Manager

Reporting to:

Head of Programs


Kampala (1 persons)

Job Purpose

Responsible for the overall implementation of the microfinance activities. This includes the design and delivery of micro-loan products and services. The overall program objectives are to enable hundreds of families to access financial services and improve their household incomes. This position includes both administrative and technical/financial management.

Key tasks and Responsibilities:

Program Development:

  • Develop and strengthen the microfinance activity in a bid to achieve greater scale, sustainability, and minimizing risk through effective management of the human and financial resources as well as the organization, assets.
  • Engage in marketing and sales activities to promote microfinance among the target groups.

 Portfolio Management:

  • Asset quality management and growth strategies.
  • Coordinate portfolio expansion by building and maintaining relationships with partners and other stakeholders.
  • Review requests for funding of microfinance products and services.
  • Develop and continuously evaluate the organization’s microfinance policies, procedures, programs, and projects to ensure that they are efficient and effective in meeting the needs of clients while being sustainable.
  • Advise the program and finance departments on industry norms and standards.
  • Participate in the budgeting process, approve and review microfinance program expenditures, etc.
  • Provide oversight and management of the Financial Education program and integrate it into overall microfinance interventions. Provide overall supervision and reporting for the Microfinance Program.
  • Handle recruitment; design jobs, and conduct selection and performance reviews of the microfinance program staff.

 Innovation/Research & Development:

  • Develop methodologies, design Microfinance products and implement Microfinance partnerships.
  • Develop microfinance best practices and methodologies for implementation.
  • Re-assess the suitability of the two pilot locations i.e. Gulu and Kaberamaido for rolling out microfinance activities.
  • Microfinance Product development: Conduct market researches, pilot the products with an emphasis on providing affordable microfinance products and services for the enterprising poor.
  • Develop new strategies, policies and procedures for microfinance operations in line with the microfinance guidelines
  • Research and Documentation: Research and document best practices from microfinance interventions for the enterprising poor.
  • Forecast market changes based on economic and industry analysis.

 System Design:

  • Design systems for detailed work planning and implementation, monitoring/managing risk and internal/external reporting and ensure that they are functional.
  • In consultation with senior management, identify and recommend the appropriate loan tracking software.

 Representation and Networking:

  • Represent the organization to Microfinance Associations, Represent Peers and other networks.
  • Represent TPO Uganda to microfinance associations and networks, coordinate and facilitate at and local workshop.

 Human Resource Management:

  • Mentoring and coaching staff in key areas of managing the program- Finance/Accounting, Financial literacy and microfinance, etc.
  • Coach, mentor and train both TPO Uganda and partner organization staff to enable them assume their institutional roles in implementing microfinance operations.
  • Support Branch leaders in the development of branch structures, identification of human resource needs and preparation of individual job descriptions.
  • Actively participate and provide leadership in the selection and recruitment of branch staff;
  • Readily and regularly mentor and develop staff through the on-the-job-training, duty delegation, monitoring, evaluating and giving feedback.
  • Implement performance management processes and regularly set targets for direct reports and conducts effective staff appraisals.
  • Motivate and support staff.
  • Identify training needs of programme staff to offer or find alternative resources for training.

Key performance Indicators

  • Growing Microfinance portfolio
  • Adequate visibility of the microfinance entity
  • Quality microfinance management
  • Reduced risks
  • Quality periodic reports produced

Qualification, Experience, Skills and Abilities required.

  • University degree in Business Administration, Commerce, Finance, Management, Economics or Social Sciences.
  • Post-graduate training in designing and management of microfinance programs an essential.
  • At least five years of experience with a micro-finance institution, with at least 3 of those years in a managerial position.
  • At least 3 years of experience directly supervising professional staff, preferably as a team leader.
  • High levels of integrity.
  • At least 3 years of experience managing budgets.
  • Experience leading strategic planning exercises.
  • Demonstrate aptitude for teamwork.
  • High level of people management and mentoring skills.
  • Able to coordinate multiple-tasks.
  • High level of interpersonal skills.
  • Good organizational and project management skills.
  • Excellent persuasion, negotiation and analytical skills.
  • Good communication skills both verbal and written.
  • Business intelligence
  • Entrepreneurial, proactive and ambitious


  • Timely reports.
  • Meet specified targets with expected outcomes.
  • Up-to-date correspondence register
  • Organized office system evidenced by the ability of the supervisor to access all the information regarding the project site.
  • Disseminating information regarding interventions in a positive way

Person Specifications:

  • Degree in Microfinance, Business Administration, Commerce, Finance, Management, Economics or Social Sciences.
  • Post-graduate training in designing and management of microfinance programs an essential.
  • At least 5 years of experience with a micro-finance institution, with at least 3 of those years in a managerial position.
  • At least 3 years of experience directly supervising professional staff, preferably as a team leader.
  • High levels of integrity.

3. Position:

Clinical Psychologist

Reporting to:

Project Coordinator as line supervisor but over role supervisor – MHPSS Supervisor


Rhino / Imvepi,  Kyaka II, Kyangwali and Kiryadongo, (4 persons)

Job Purpose

The overall purpose of the job is to provide technical support to the project team in mental health and psychosocial support interventions

Responsibilities Related to project implementation

  • Clinical Supervision: The Clinical Psychologist will be responsible for supervising Social Workers by providing guidance throughout the implementation of the Project MHPSS intervention approach.
  • case management system, build up case management repository for the project in accordance to the standard case management principles and TPO Uganda case management process
  • Assessment and diagnosis; provide guidance towards the use of the various global and internal assessment tools in relation to the project need and guide on intervention approach in accordance to diagnosis.
  • Mainstream PSS into all projects activities and build resource materials for MHPSS adaptable to the project according to the project theory of change.
  • Capacity strengthening and enhancement; Training Social Workers, partners and Community Support Structures on MHPSS, mhGAP HIG, PFA and any other skills as required by project objectives and arising needs during implementation provide support supervision, consultation, and mentoring, provide specialized clinical care to beneficiaries, support Social Workers manage difficult MHPSS cases and support run Cognitive Behavioural Therapy sessions, Psychological first Aid, problem management Plus as well as social therapy sessions.
  • Conduct quarterly review meetings with community support structure members (Crisis team members, VPAs) to review progress, challenges and developing actions to improve psychosocial work in the settlements/ project scope.

Person Specifications knowledge and experience

Master’s in clinical psychology. Membership of any psychology association is an added advantage. Research experience and sound clinical practice experience is an added advantage.

How to apply:

Please send your CV, letter of interest and academic documents with 3 work related referees via email: mail: or hand delivery to Plot 652, Block 257, Wamala Close, Munyonyo ONLY. Include your salary history for the past 3 years (Attached as one document of not more than 2MBs). Detailed Job Description visit:

Deadline: September 9th 2022.

TPO Uganda is an equal opportunities employer that doesn’t discriminate on any basis.

Please note that this offer of employment is made to you with the understanding that you do not have a history of fraud and sexual offences. In accordance with the TPO Uganda’s Anti-Fraud and PSHEA Policies 2021, you are expected to abide and comply with the terms and conditions therein at all times. Any violation of this and other policies is highly punishable as per guidelines indicated in the various policies and