We are not your typical NGO story. When we started we had no idea our story would lead to where it has today. We set up in 1994 primarily to provide mental health and pyscho-social support services to refugee and post conflict communities. While working in these communities we made a powerful realization, we learnt that mental health issues were not just related to conflict. HIV/AIDS, child abuse, domestic violence, and poverty were causing significant emotional and mental scars in communities across Uganda making them vulnerable.

We saw an opportunity to cater to the needs of these not just via traditional programs but from a mental health and psycho-social support perspective and this is how our holistic approach was developed. We believe mental health interventions are an integral part of building healthy, happy and sustainable communities.


To empower communities improve their mental health and socio-economic wellbeing.


A society where individuals enjoy mental health and socio-economic well being.


At the core of everything we do, our values are:


Strategic Objective 1:

To improve the wellbeing and social functioning of persons affected by poor mental health and psychological distress in communities supported by TPO Uganda.

Strategic Objective 2:

To ensure that children and women in communities supported by TPO Uganda are able to thrive in environments which are safe and which promote their rights and responsibilities.

Strategic Objective 3:

To improve the socioeconomic wellbeing of households targeted by TPO Uganda so that they are able to provide the essential needs of their families.

Strategic Objective 4:

To reduce vulnerability and provide humanitarian assistance to communities affected by natural and man-made disasters, supporting families and communities to cope better and reduce risks of exposure to further harm.

Strategic Objective 5:

To strengthen TPO organizational capacity to grow and consolidate its niche and to deliver quality services in the region.


We believe that:

If we support families to identify opportunities that can improve their household incomes and livelihoods;

And work with community leadership to adopt peaceful conflict resolution methods and eliminate any harmful practices particularly against women and children;

And empower households to be able to sustainably manage the environment whilst mitigating any effects of natural and or man-made disaster early enough;

And pass on skills that enlighten and empower the most vulnerable;

And provide psycho-social and trauma support to communities and families living in unstable and/or difficult circumstances;

Then families and communities will be able to co-exist peacefully, engage in productive activity and lead meaningful lives.


Board of Directors


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Founding Partner at TASLAF Advocates

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Senior Management

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MR. Patrick Sambaga

Country Director

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Director Finance and Administration

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Mr. Jude Okeria

Head Of Programs




The support of our funders and partners is invaluable and TPO Uganda is committed to ensuring that the resources provided are well accounted for and used in alignment with our mission. This strengthens the legitimacy of our organization and our work.

The support of our funders and partners is invaluable and TPO Uganda is committed to ensuring that the resources provided are well accounted for and used in alignment with our mission. This strengthens the legitimacy of our organization and our work.

To ensure transparency in all our operations we provide accountability in the following ways:
☀  A stamped receipt and official letter recognizing your donation.
☀ Quarterly reports with updates on our work.
☀  Access to detailed information on our policies and procedures, human resource management and financial management standards.
☀  National NGO laws compliance documentation.

Social Accountability

At the beginning of every project, we ask communities to appoint “Community based monitors” a group of opinion leaders who ensure that we accomplish our promise. Our Community based monitors include:

☀ Review project documents, plans and budgets
☀ Participate in work planning process
☀ Follow up implementation activities, disbursement of funds and track timelines

The very communities you support are empowered to ensure that resources are effectively used to generate lasting transformation.


Regional Projects in DRC, Somalia & South Sudan

Since 2010, TPO Uganda has been implementing a child protection project that builds the capacity of community structures to deliver child protection and psychosocial support for children and families in conflict in South Kivu Province, Democratic Republic of Congo.

TPO Uganda has over the past years supported twelve grassroots organizations in Puntland, South Central Zone and Somaliland to acquire essential skills and knowledge in emergency child protection and psychosocial support.

Our achievements in this region included:

  • We strengthened the child and civilian protection capacity of AMISOM personnel in Somalia through the African Union Peace Keeping force (AMISOM) in Mogadishu to integrate child and civilian sensitive programming into their peace keeping operations.
  • We conducted pre and post deployment training to facilitate cultural adaptation and orientation on handling children in contact with armed forces.
  • We have also worked with the Uganda Peoples Defense Forces and UNICEF and developed standard operating procedures for handover ad reception of children rescued from the Lord’s Resistance Army.  As part of this initiative, we trained trainers from selected battalions in the application of these procedures. Child Protection in Emergency (CPiE) Training in South Sudan In 2013, TPO Uganda partnered with UNICEF South Sudan to organize a cascaded training in six states. Trainings included an elementary training in child protection in emergencies for social workers; training a cohort of trainers in each state and training master trainers based in Juba and selected from all six states. At the end of the training we developed a training curriculum which we handed over to the local trainers.
  • With the support and collaboration with other partners, we formed the national Mental Health and Psychosocial Working Group which sit every last Tuesday of the Month.
  • For over six years, TPO Uganda has supported the Ministry of Gender, Labor and Social Development to establish the National Child Protection Working group which has greatly improved coordination of agencies involved in child rights and protection work. We have also participated in several national level initiatives, notably during the Violence against Children Survey; TPO Uganda coordinated the national response mechanism that supported survivors of violence during the survey. We have also worked closely with the ministry to roll out the alternative care framework under a pilot project with Child Fund and RETRAK through which we removed children from child care institutions and reintegrated them with caring families.


  • TPO Uganda has as well extended this partnership and working relationship to the different districts in which it operates. Principally, TPO Uganda has formal MoUs with every Local Government (district) it works with including all the targeted districts. At this level, most of our activities are collaborated and coordinated with the community development and services department including the probation units, Child & Family Protection Unit, JLOs, hospitals, youth and women councils, DOVCCS and SOVCCS and schools. For example we collaborated with the Adjumani local government to build the capacity of probation officers and CDOs in coordinating and monitoring MHPSS services. While in SOCY project, we work closely with the district community services department to identify and manage child protection cases of VACs.


  • Similarly TPO Uganda has managed partnerships with not-for-profit, institutions and for-profit organizations with whom TPO have formal and established collaborations. Among the existing partnerships include; Makerere University Peace and Conflict Studies Programme, College of Humanities and Social Sciences, the University of Kwazulu Natal, Office of the Prime Minister and UNHCR. While the Grant and implementing partners includes OAK Foundation, USAID, Catholic Relief services (CRS) WELLSPRING, UNICEF, UNFPA, International Criminal Court (ICC), UN WOMEN, Catholic Relief Services, CODAID, Dan Church Aid (DCA), World Vision, War Child Canada among others.