Food Security & Livelihoods Improvement

When we first started TPO Uganda, we would provide refugees and displaced people with mental health services. We always felt a big what’s next was missing. That is how we begun implementing economic empowerment components across all our programs (food security and livelihoods interventions). TPO Uganda has implemented food security and livelihoods projects either as part of an integrated program or as a single project issue.

Our food security and livelihood interventions target entire households. We focus on; increasing household incomes; promoting hygienic practices and increasing agricultural productivity and farming as a business. TPO Uganda food security interventions are aimed at addressing problems of availability, access, and sufficiency. We empower families with skills to sustainably increase food production including modern farming and agronomic practices.


Households learn post-harvest handling methods to enable them store food for future consumption especially during periods of scarcity and to avoid unnecessary waste.

Community based behavior change campaigns led by community facilitators and community champions enlighten families on essential food nutrients and on child growth and development.

TPO’s Livelihoods interventions are undertaken aimed at boosting agricultural value chain production, jumpstart local market activity and supporting micro-enterprise initiatives. Business skills training, start-grant, linkages, monitoring and follow up. To further sustain the micro-finance support interventions, TPO Uganda is establishing the micro-finance scheme which will enable the beneficiary individuals/groups to access financial support and credit through saving and loaning. Through this scheme, community groups and individual members will be able to grow their funds profitably.