Emergency Response

Without warning, countless children, women, and men of all ages find themselves forcibly displaced by conflict, consequently becoming refugees. Women and children are the most vulnerable, often facing rights abuses.

Uganda has become the largest refugee hosting county in Africa following the escalation of conflict in South Sudan in July 2016. Nearly all response efforts rally immediately to cater for the overall safety, food, shelter and health needs. However war and conflict also trigger mental disorders. If left untreated, they hinder all other physical help. TPO Uganda practices a more holistic approach by combining mental health care, psychosocial economic support, peace building, and specialized women and child protection services. Our interventions seek to save lives and to support both the immediate psychosocial and protection needs of refugees and their host communities and the transition from an emergency response to a sustainable development. Therefore our support services include;

Key Interventions

Clinical Interventions including psychotropic medicines under the care of a qualified clinician.

Individual and Group therapy using Cognitive Behavior Therapy for Trauma.

Specialized  treatment for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Community based Child Protection through Child Friendly Spaces. These  are play centres constructed in the camps- where children receive care, play, and attend school, in a safe environment.

Specialized treatment for children include the Journey of Life methodology through which children chart their fears and are supported to work towards a more hopeful future.

Awareness raising  to promote peace building , mental health care and prevention of Gender based violence.

Structured support groups for women.

Livelihood Improvement groups