Disaster Risk Reduction & Ecosystems Management

Communities living in disaster prone areas are frequently exposed to devastating floods, drought and landslides resulting in food insecurity, disruption of livelihoods and destruction of property. Beyond the physical effects of disasters are the lasting psychosocial problems and disruption. These Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) interventions aimed to reduce the damage caused by natural hazards like floods, droughts and war, through preventive and alternative approach.

TPO Uganda strengthens the capacity of disaster prone communities and local governments, to identify, manage, and mitigate the effects of disaster on their livelihoods. Together with communities we develop and support communities to established Disaster Risk Reduction committees and roll out early warning systems. We also facilitate communities to adopt environmentally sustainable economic activities that preserve the ecosystem such as tree planting. In 2019, over 33 sub counties were supported with activities aimed at strengthening their capacities to mitigate the impact of disaster through mapping, awareness raising and action planning.