Board Member Position


TPO Uganda Brief Background

TPO Uganda is looking for individuals with rich governance, financial management and programmatic background and outstanding repute to serve on its Board of Directors for an initial term of three years renewable once.

 TPO Uganda is a local national NGO operating in Uganda for 26 years now in over 46 districts. Our projects target the most vulnerable communities delivering the following interventions: Child protection (Orphans and Vulnerable children), Gender Based Violence, Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) and Ecosystems, Food security and Livelihood Support, Mental Health and Psychosocial Support and HIV/AIDS Prevention, and a Humanitarian Program targeting South Sudan and DRC Refugees in Northern, West Nile, South Western, Western and Central Uganda.

 The TPO Uganda Board of Directors comprises of 9 members who serve as VOLUNTEERS on three committees namely; the Audit & Risk Management, the Governance & Organizational Development, and the Programs & Resource Mobilization committees, that meet quarterly.

Person specification:

 Values: You will hold values very similar to our own: compassionate, inclusive, honest, dependable, innovative, and professional, and above all possess strong humanistic ideals.

 Social skills: We are looking at individuals who are at ease networking at both local and global levels; with governments, civil society organizations and academia. We shall be looking to grow our own profile and image from some of your contacts and networks. Membership to professional bodies and previous Board experience is desirable.

 Organizational and technical skills: Legal, programmatic, governance, financial management backgrounds, leadership skills, strategic planning, conceptualizing and designing innovative development concepts.

 A minimum of Master’s Degree or its equivalent in the relevant fields with experience capable of advising the organization on a broad range of national and international development landscape. The suitable candidates should possess a diversity and a mix of both NGO and business operations in Uganda and not less than 10 years of consistent service.

If you are a Ugandan or even a foreign national resident in Uganda and you believe you meet the expectations above, then send your CV and an expression of interest letter to the Board Secretary: by June 30th 2021. 


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Overall, the mandate of the Board of Directors shall be to provide oversight over the affairs of the organisation in totality, and to guide the Country Director and the Senior Management Team in their major task of running the organisation, and to ensure that the organisation stays aligned to its vision, mission, and values, besides complying with all the relevant legal and statutory requirements. The Board of Directors shall ensure that TPO Uganda remains accountable and transparent, and meet high standards and quality performance.

More specifically, the Board of Directors shall have oversight in the areas listed below:

Legal Affairs

The Board shall provide legal oversight and ensure the following:

  1. The Board is strongly constituted, and that legal and ethical integrity and proper accountability are maintained over the organization’s resources,
  2. Strong safeguards are in place for protecting the organization’s assets and their legal titles.
  3. The organization complies with all statutory regulations and other legal requirements applicable including the Income Tax Act, Companies Act, Non-Governmental Organisation Registration Act and Employment Act.

Management and Leadership

The Board shall be responsible for the management and leadership oversight roles as follows:

  1. Ensuring that TPO Uganda has a sound and functional management system and is being run efficiently.
  2. Strong corporate governance, social accountability and prudent systems for management of the organization’s financial and other resources are in place.
  3. Appointment of the Country Director, guidance to his/her performance, and sufficiently facilitate him/her to execute his/her responsibilities. The Board Chairperson shall lead the approval of the Country Director’s annual performance Plan, periodic performance reviews and end of year performance appraisal.

Accountability and Financial

The Board shall provide financial and accountability oversight by doing the following:

  1. Guide, review and approve the organisation’s financial Policy and annual budgets.
  2. Ensure proper financial Planning and that the available resources are focused on the organization’s program activities.
  3. Review and approve external audit reports and ensure that recommendations in the management letter are implemented.
  4. Appoint the External Auditor to conduct the next audit.
  5. Approve all major procurements and asset disposals.

Vision and Strategy F

To ensure strong vision and strategy formulation, the Board shall:

  1. Envision and plan for growth and sustainability of the organisation,
  2. Define statements for the organisation’s vision, mission and core values that will promote the organisation’s goals. The Board shall periodically review these statements to ensure that they remain strong and relevant,
  3. Provide guidelines for the formulation, development and review of its Strategic Plan and related financial framework. The Board shall participate in stages critical for strategy formulation and approve program strategy and strategic plan,
  4. Review and approve annual workplans and related budgets, ensuring that the plans and budgets are in line with the vision, mission, and strategy of the organization.


To ensure strong oversight over the organisation’s program, the Board shall:

  1. Lead the formulation of the program strategy.
  2. The Board shall guide the conceptualization, development and implementation of the organisation’s program.
  3. Review quarterly and annual program reports, end of program evaluations, donor reports, and donor feedback reports.
  4. Delegate Board members with expert knowledge and experience to conduct field monitoring visits, to ensure that program implementation is strongly grounded, strategic and meets high-quality standards.

Policy Formulation

  1. The Board shall provide leadership to the formulation of organisational policies.
  2. The Board shall periodically review the policies to ensure that they remain relevant.

Publicity and Fundraising

The Board shall:

  1. Review the fundraising strategy and action plan to ensure that the organization has the resources needed to implement its strategic plan.
  2. Promote the organisation’s programs to relevant Government bodies, development partners at the national and international level, and other like-minded organizations, for purposes of fundraising and other strategic collaborations.
  • Engage its members at stages in fundraising and resource mobilization campaigns.
  1. Represent TPO-Uganda at public and other strategic events appropriate for Board level participation.
  2. Board meetings are conducted regularly with an agenda that covers all strategic issues, and the board issues are documented.

Management of Board Affairs

  1. Ensure that the Board is fully constituted and that their membership is well-balanced in terms of gender, professional background, and experiences and spheres of expertise
  2. Ensure that adequate steps are taken in the identification, selection and appointment of new Board members.
  3. Ensure that new members receive orientation, and there is ongoing Board development
  4. Conduct an evaluation of the Board performance every year.