Lead Consultant

TPO Uganda is seeking the services of a lead consultant that will lead a team of subject matter specialists in governance, organizational development, finance management, Procurement, human resource management and technical programming in PEPFAR HIV and AIDS design elements as well as other areas that will be identified from the OCA (Organizational capacity assessment) and NUPAS (non US Partner Assessment Survey) assessment reports. The consultant will assemble the team most suited to complete this assignment within a period of not more than two months. It is our expectation that the lead consultant and at least 75% of the consultant’s team are familiar with USAID rules and regulations for a prime grant recipient, policy compliance requirements, financial management requirements, NUPAS and OCA assessments, as well as PEPFAR programming terminology and expectations. The consultants will mostly work at TPO Uganda HQ in Kampala. 

Key deliverables:

  • Review both the OCA and NUPAS assessment reports, identifying all findings arising and prepare a timeline for completion with clear milestones.
  • Support TPO Uganda to revise their financial and administrative policies and procedures for completeness and adequacy, updating relevant templates where applicable.  Identify those policies and procedures that are required as a minimum for USAID grant management and prepare addendums that align them to USAID grant management requirements and that address recommendations in the NUPAS report.
  • Review the TPO procurement policies, procedures and practices and align them with recommendations arising from assessment reports.
  • Review the TPO financial management system with particular attention to SAGE software accounting and other weaknesses cited in assessment reports and guide the SAGE consultant supporting TPO on how these can be aligned to the USAID financial management requirements.
  • Review the Human Resource policies, practices and procedures and align them to recommendations made in the NUPAS report.
  • Review the TPO branding and visibility manual and provide an addendum that ensures compliance with USAID grant management regulations.
  • Develop and/or adapt the TPO Uganda subgrant management manual and align it to USAID requirements for subgrant management.


Individuals/Companies that meet the above requirements should submit their proposals and letters of interest addressed to the Procurement and Operations Manager through this email. procurement@tpoug.org  or hand delivered to TPO Uganda offices on plot 652, Block 257 Wamala Close Munyonyo. P.O. Box 21646 Kampala.


Full Terms of Reference can be accessed here.  The deadline for submission is 6th November 2020.

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