Country Director’s Statement on the new TPO Uganda Brand

Today, TPO Uganda, a leading nonprofit organisation that works to uplift communities’ psychosocial wellbeing, mental health and social-economic wellbeing, has revealed its new brand identity. The organization’s logo, tagline, overall branding and messaging have changed to better reflect our role as a trusted implementing partner, intermediary and advisor to the private, nonprofit and public sectors. TPO Uganda has also launched an updated website at

As TPO Uganda marks 25 years of operation we believe it’s time to refresh our look for better engagement.  The organization’s new tagline Restoring hope, Transforming lives” reflects our commitment towards empowering those that are most vulnerable in the community.

The new brand is in tandem with our drive to build one brand that speaks to multiple audiences without losing the key essence of what we deliver to our beneficiaries and partners. It underlies the importance we place on collaborations and the positive effect working together can have on increased giving and social impact.

TPO Uganda primary areas of expertise are now clearly defined as that of empowering vulnerable communities through Psychosocial Support Programs, Social Protection interventions and socio-economic initiatives. 

Our journey has seen us expand our portfolio of interventions from single issue MHPSS interventions to a holistic and integrated approach including; mental health and psychosocial support, violence prevention, disaster risk management, prevention and response to gender-based-violence, HIV and Aids, food security and livelihoods improvement. Our training and capacity building technical assistance has enabled us scale up program interventions’ through other partners and local government. We are presently active in 35 districts in Uganda. Our track record and reputation as a community and family-oriented organization, has enabled us to deliver technical assistance in Democratic Republic of Congo, Somalia and South Sudan.

This new brand therefore encapsulates these approaches as well as our intended beneficiary goals. It also places us firmly within relevant sectors alongside other respected players that we collaborate with in various ways.

TPO Uganda is a Ugandan-based nonprofit that brings community-led mental health and psycho-social support services to communities affected by conflict and war. Our unique integrated mental health first approach is complemented by livelihood support programs and includes programs in child protection, peace building, and gender violence in communities affected by HIV and AIDS, violence and conflict. We believe in working through collaboration and partnerships with communities, government, donors, others non-profits and other private entities.

Patrick Onyango Mangen

Country Director, TPO Uganda

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